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DeHues, Ryan

Ryan DeHues is the abundantly gifted singing prodigy who ignites audiences with his impressive vocal stylings and incredible command of the stage. Ryan valiantly keeps the flame burning for singing in the tradition of his influences—Jack Jones, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme. The music he sings reflects meticulous taste and the quality standards of the great American songbook writers such as Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Sammy Cahn and Hoagy Carmichael.

Ryan tells the story of every tune, breathing life into every note and word, singing with unrestrained feeling while taking surprise detours and turns with melodic variations and deviations. His praiseworthy assets illuminate his vocal artistry: his signature voice within its natural baritone range, his elastic adjustment from up-tempos to basic balladic tenderness, his implacable tone control, transparent good taste and charming style.

A brief backdrop of Ryan’s career - While still a high school student in Chesaning, Michigan, Ryan was the uncontested winner of the national "Search For America’s Next Great Crooner” sponsored by singer Pat Boone and his recording company, The Gold Label. Ryan’s debut album, "My Dream Come True” was recorded with a dynamite Los Angeles big band. Since its release, Ryan has performed coast to coast and appeared on National TV & Radio shows, with worldwide recognition in The New York Times and Jazz Educator Magazines.

Now at 27, Ryan's new Gold Label release features the best of his big band heritage along with a Nu Jazz sound! While maintaining an allegiance to a swinging tradition, the concept of "Get Ready” is plainly a departure from his first effort. Indulging in the musical styles he loves – not only straight ahead jazz/swing, but also Brazilian bossa nova, a touch of jazz/pop crossovers and some of the European sounds of Nu Jazz electronica. This provides a fresh direction that could potentially attract and expand younger audiences’ interest and affinity for jazz in all its shades.

How wonderful it is that good music has an ambassador in Ryan DeHues! His voice is one that you cannot and will not ignore, and one you will want to hear again and again.

Ryan is currently a host on the "Music Of Your Life” radio network, the only syndicated Adult Standards station in the world playing the Great American Songbook. MOYL has over 40 AM/FM stations covering the US, and listeners in 91 countries at

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